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Cheetahs Game, Goalies & Snack Schedule


Hello Cheetahs,

Here is your game, goalie and snack schedule until December 10.

Date:               October 15

Warm Up:        9:30AM

Game Start:    10:00AM

Home Game:   Killarney Cheetahs vs VAFC Fire

Location:         Champlain Park, Field 2

Goalies:          Tejen & Victor

Snacks:           Tejen

Date:               October 22

Warm Up:       11:00AM 

Game Start:    11:30AM

Away Game:   ICSF Juventus vs Killarney Cheetahs

Location:         Beaconsfield Park SE, 3215 Slocan Street

Goalie:            Robinson & Jimmy

Snacks:           Robinson

Date:               October 29

Warm Up:        9:30AM

Game Start:    10:00AM

Home Game:   Killarney Cheetahs vs KLM Scorpions

Location:         Champlain Park, Field 2

Goalies:           Rio & Matthew

Snacks:            Rio

Date:               November 5

Warm Up:        8:30AM

Game Start:     9:00AM

Home Game:   Killarney Cheetahs vs VAFC Tigers

Location:         Champlain Park, Field 2

Goalies:           Victor & Parmeet

Snacks:            Victor

Date:                November 12

Warm Up:        10:30AM  

Game Start:     11:00AM

Away Game:    VAFC Sounders vs Killarney Cheetahs

Location:          Douglas Park, West (Centre), 801 West 22nd Avenue

Goalies:            Jimmy & Oliver

Snacks:            Jimmy

Date:                November 19

Warm Up:         8:30AM

Game Start:      9:00AM

Home Game:    Killarney Cheetahs vs ICSF Roma

Location:           Champlain Park, Field 2

Goalies:             Matthew & Muhammad

Snacks:             Muhammad


Date:                 November 26

Warm Up:          8:30AM

Game Start:       9:00AM

Home Game:     Killarney Cheetahs vs Marpole Lions

Location:            Champlain Park, Field 2

Goalies:              Parmeet & Tejen

Snacks:              Parmeet

Date:                 December 3

Warm Up:          8:30AM

Game Start:       9:00AM

Home Game:     Killarney Cheetahs

Location:            Champlain Park, Field 2

Goalies:             Oliver & Robinson

Snacks:              Oliver

Date:                 December 10

Warm Up:          8:30AM

Game Start:       9:00AM

Home Game:     Killarney Cheetahs vs VAFC Timbers

Location:           Champlain Park, Field 2

Goalies:             Muhammad & Rio

Snacks:             Muhammad

Please let us know if you will NOT be attending any of these games.


Coaches Dani, Chad & Jennifer
Team Managers: Regina & Davinder

Posted on 10/12/2016

U9 Cheetahs game schedule until Oct 1


Here is the official game schedule up until Oct 1st. In past years we have not had games over the Thanksgiving weekend but I am still waiting for a firm confirmation that this year we will do the same.

Date: Saturday Sept 17th
Warm up: 10:15AM-11:00AM (Please arrive by 10:15AM so we can distribute uniforms and do some introduction before the game)
Game time: 11:00AM
AWAY game: Marpole Lions vs Killarney Cheetahs
Location: Oak Park West (59th Ave @ Oak St)

Date: Saturday Sept 24th
Warm up: 8:30AM-9:00AM
Game time: 9:00AM
HOME game: Killarney Cheetahs vs Killarney Sparks
Location: Champlain Park Field 2

Date: Saturday Oct 1st
Warm up: 11:30AM-12:00PM
Game time: 12:00PM
AWAY game: VAFC Timbers vs Killarney Cheetahs
Location: Douglas Park West (Centre) W22nd & Heather St.

We kindly ask that you confirm your child's attendance no later than Friday 3pm of the day prior to a scheduled game day as we are required to notify the Home team of the number of players and if the game will proceed. I realize that illness or unexpected events may occur after that time that might prevent your child from attending and just ask that you let us know as early as possible. In most circumstances we will still proceed with the game and either divide up the teams or play with less players so that everyone still gets some game time. Games will proceed as scheduled regardless of the weather as all locations have a gravel field in the event of heavy rain.

Looking forward to meeting all of you on Saturday and our 1st game of the season. My cell is 604.338.0958 just in case you can't find us on the field or are running late or can't make it.

Please let me know if your child has any food allergies or any medical conditions that we should be aware of before the first game.

Coach Dani & Coach Jenn

Posted on 09/15/2016

Welcome U9 Cheetahs


Welcome U9 Cheetahs!


A warm welcome to our returning Killarney soccer players and for those of you that are new to the club this year we look forward to a fun season together.


I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and keep you up to date with the information on practice times and schedule times for games.


This is my second year coaching with Killarney and the teams have shuffled around a little bit as our club has grown with the number of U9 players. My son Oliver is on the Cheetahs team as well and excited to play with his new team mates. Dani will be one of our coaches as well.


The club is just in the midst of finalizing the game schedule but we were just told the other night that games are supposed to start this weekend. U9 games will be on Saturdays and as far as I know the timing will vary each week but could be anywhere from a 9am start to a 12pm start. Games are one hour in length.


The Cheetahs have been given a weekly one hour outdoor field practice time slot of Tuesday evenings 6:30-7:30pm at Bobolink park (61st/Nanaimo) until Oct 15th. The Killarney Oval is undergoing some field repair and is going to be closed until Oct 15th. We do move indoors sometime in November and will be assigned a school gym to practice in. The school board contract is still being confirmed so I don't yet have the location but it will be in the vicinity of Killarney oval and we will keep you posted as we hear more details.


I have not yet been provided with the game schedule time for this weekend but we are hopefully getting it soon. Tomorrow is the final day for any registration to add any new teams. Typically we don't start until after the Thanksgiving day weekend but this year we are getting in a few weeks earlier while the weather is nicer.


The club has purchased new uniforms so your child will be receiving a jersey, shorts and a pair of socks. The jerseys will need to be returned at the end of the season however the socks and shorts are theirs to keep. Your child's safety is our top concern and BC soccer requires that everyone is wearing a pair of shinpads for both practice and club games. The referees and coaches will do a check prior to practice and games. I usually keep a spare pair in our team bucket in case anyone forgets. Soccer cleats (no metal spikes) are also required.


We have the privilege again this year of taking advantage of the technical skills workshops from some elite soccer coaches. They will be joining our regular team practice and working with the coaches and your children to help develop technical skills for the U9 age group.


We are looking at keeping everyone up to date with information as it funnels in and will be sending out emails as soon as we have any details on game schedules and times. If there are any changes in the email addresses or contact information that was entered at registration time then please let me know so I can update it.


We look forward to a successful season of working with your children and creating a love for soccer. 


Please feel free to reach out at anytime if you have any questions or concerns.


Jennifer Thompson & Dani

U9 Cheetahs



Posted on 09/14/2016